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The universe is a deep darkness for those who think about it. Only science can shed light on him. In 1969, NASA took the first photograph of the Earth standing like a green bubble in endless darkness from the Moon. Clear steps taken in understanding the universe also affect the mentality of the artists. Weren't many art movements in the 20th century formed in the light of the industry and in accordance with the mentality of the industrialized society? There is nothing that man cannot imagine. Even the simplest minds can sometimes ask themselves about the universe. There are many amateur astrologers, chemists and physicists of his own right simply because he is interested in natural philosophy.

The survival of living things depends on their fertility. However, the struggle for existence of almost all organisms begins in a round form. This is indispensable regardless of the biological reproduction method. Then what is the round's contribution to life or its necessity in life? Answering this question is as difficult and uncertain as the story of the universe? Is the existence and continuity of the Universe we live in a result of a complex or a systematic? If we do not think of a formation due to coincidences while the universe was being formed, the predisposition of matter to the spherical form must have been established. So much so that nature forces almost all forms to be round. Movement and dynamism in life seems to depend on this. The water wants to be a droplet outside of its container. The dung beetle takes away the dung by making a ball. So he knows he will act that way. The arrangement of the petals of a flower is another example of the circular order in nature.

These works were made beetween 2000-2002 at the period of focuses physical existence of spherical forms.

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