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Paper is one of the most noble materials of all times. Through mankind’s history most different cultures used paper as an unique way to store facts, thoughts and ideas. Today, paper has numerous fields of use in the sphere of printing, packaging, decoration, design. Papers are used for drawing, and painting in traditional way but additionally it has become for its materiality an object of interest in contemporary art.
My works can be described as collages made by ​​using a new method. Waste papers, such as magazines, newspapers are rolled and composed next to each other. Shapes, lines and colours are randomly or deliberately combined in a new way and create an abstract appearance. These works are generating, as most collage technique, their energy from the juxtaposition of originally detached elements. The surfaces as the inner-compositions are full of such relationships and concurrence between the meaningful and the meaningless. And not at least my works may be considered as a dedication to traditional crafts.

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